Barça Fans surprising new ad campaign

Imagine. Just like you do every morning, you are sat bleary eyed at the bus stop waiting for the number 42 to take you off to work. It’s January, it’s chilly, you wish you were still back in bed instead of here like you are every morning. There’s something odd though; the bus shelter has been decorated to look like the Camp Nou and your bench has been transformed into Luis Enrique’s dug out. Suddenly Xavi Hernandez appears on the shelter’s video information screen. Hang on, you can hear the Camp Nou crowd cheering a goal! Then the bus appears and out steps a ref dressed in black to usher you on board. Have you overslept and is this a dream? What was in that coffee you had this morning?

Well, that’s what must have passed through the minds of the people waiting at the bus stop in Hospitalet on January 29, when their reactions were videoed by a secret camera as part of a promotional activity for Barça Fans .

You can see the video -'Propera Parada  - as part of the campaign for Barça Fans on the Club’s social media pages from today.


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