FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu was in New York to promote the 1 in 11 campaign. / PHOTO: FCB

Josep Maria Bartomeu, in New York for the presentation of the 1 in 11 campaign, called on the team's faithful to unify in a show of support for the team, culminating a turbulent week for the Catalan Club in which Bartomeu had already announced that elections would be moved up and called at the end of the season.

Bartomeu, the Club president, also denied reports that were featured on a regional television network back in Catalonia which claimed that the team's star player, Leo Messi, personally called for the firing on head coach Luis Enrique and his team of assistants. Bartomeu said: "I saw that report and it is absolutely false. It couldn't be further from the truth." He continued: “I am in the dressing room after the games, and I talk to the players and coaches. I know for a fact that this report is totally baseless."

Bartomeu also talked about the atmosphere after their last match against Elche: "We were all really happy because we had just won 5-0 and had virtually clinched a berth in the quarterfinals. I spoke with Messi, Adriano, Neymar, of course also with Luis Enrique. We've got our minds on the next match, against Atlético Madrid, a match that requires the utmost concentration."

He also reiterated one more time that Messi is happy in Barcelona. "There are always teams who want Messi. But I believe that Messi is so happy here that it doesn't matter who wants him. A few days ago I read that Paris Saint-Germain wanted him, today it's Chelsea...He's the best player in the world so it's normal that everyone wants him on their team. But he's already with FC Barcelona, and he's been with us since he was 13 years old. He's content and he's motivated, as are the rest of his teammates, and he just wants to play well and win."

The topic of the Club's elections also came up, and Bartomeu repeated what he said on Wednesday: "We haven't set a date yet, but we want to do it at the end of the season and we have time to get things ready."

Bartomeu: “Convé que tots ens dediquem a... per fcbarcelona
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