Elections at FC Barcelona / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

President Josep Maria Bartomeu announced during a press conference this Wednesday and after discussions with his Board members, that he will be calling Presidential elections at the end of this season. Bartomeu explained he’d taken the decision “to lower the tension at the Club right now” – a tension which is “disproportionate and doesn’t reflect the reality of the Club. My aim is to protect the Club from a level of tension which is not helping us to manage it. All this affects the team and that’s why we are calling elections at the end of the season – to lower the tension and help the team”.

Bartomeu also announced that he will be a candidate for the post and called on all other future aspirants to respect “fair play” and get behind the team for what is left of this season: “there will be time to debate our projects, but until the campaigning period begins, we have to get behind the team, which is the most important thing for the Club”. Amongst other issues which will likely appear in the campaign is the proposal for a new first team shirt sponsor, which has to be approved during the 2015 Members’ Representatives Assembly.

The President reminded the media at his press conference of the Club’s buoyant economic situation and the Espai Barça project, approved by members in a referendum last year and reiterated that he felt the majority of Club members were not unhappy with the current situation: “the members are feeling their ownership of the Club more with every day, they have realised that the Club’s finances are working and are happy to see we have a project for our assets and we are building the team”.

Finally, the President insisted that during the months leading up to the elections it is important for everyone to pull in the same direction because: “if we have a great season we make Barça great and if we are great we will be are unstoppable”.

Bartomeu calls Presidential elections by fcbarcelona

Election timetable

The FC Barcelona statutes, passed in 2013 by the Members’ Representatives General Assembly set out three clear points to be followed:
- When elections are called because of the normal end of a Presidential term, which is not anticipated except for the case laid out in article 35.4 involving the naming of an interim board, they must be called within the last six months of the term and with sufficient notice to ensure they occur before the end of the Presidential term.
- When elections are called as a result of the end of a Board’s Term with the naming of an interim board as laid out in article 35.4, this interim board must call elections within three months of assuming their posts.
- Elections for the Club President must take place between March 15 and June 15 immediately before the end of the Presidential term of office, unless this is impossible as a result of the application of article 35.4. Every effort should be made to call the elections on a day when the first team are playing at the Camp Nou.

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