The players celebrating in the dressing room after the game / FCB Archive

It had been 14 long years without success in the league. Barça faced Sporting Gijón in El Molinón in week 29 of the 1973/74 campaign knowing victory would hand them the championship for the first time in over a decade. After a poor start to the season, the side coached by Rinus Michels and bolstered by the arrival of Dutchman Johan Cruyff went from strength to strength. An historic 0-5 win in the Santiago Bernabéu set the tone and with five games still to go in the campaign they claimed their prize with a 4-2 win in Asturias against Sporting.

A hat trick from Marcial and a goal from Charly Rexach gave them the win they needed and at the final whistle the party began. Barça president at the time Agustí Montal summed it up well when after the game he said: “After 14, this a great reward for everybody’s hard work.” Peruvian striker Hugo Sotil also captured the moment when he called home with the good news: “Mum, we are Champions!” were his first words. 

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