For the first time in the Club’s history, FC Barcelona claimed the European Cup with a 1-0 victory after extra time over Italian side Sampdoria at Wembley Stadium. It was the third time they had reached the final following the disappointments of Berne in 1961 and Seville in 1986. In 1992 the team, coached at the time by Johan Cruyff,  ended that run of defeats in the final thanks to Ronald Koeman’s goal in the 111th minute of the game.

His fantastic right footed drive has rightly earned its place in the Club’s history books. “Right away I realised that the ball flew from my boot with tremendous force and pace. Then I heard the explosion and saw it fly into the Italian net. It was spectacular, really, when I scored I had goosebumps,” confessed the Dutchman after the game. The year that the city of Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games, Barça brought their first European Cup back to the Club’s museum.

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