Members get discounts of between 40% and 55%

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From Wednesday September 25, FC Barcelona is opening sales for packs of 3, 6, 9 or 12 tickets for Liga 2013/14 matches at the Camp Nou. With this product, members get discounts of up to 55% on the cost of buying the same tickets separately.

It’s worth noting that a week ago, on the 25th of September, the ticket buying process opened exclusively for Club members. The initiative was received well as more than 1,000 tickets were sold in the opening seven days of the program. Starting now, fans – not just Club members – have access to the ticket packs.

Savings and flexibility

The main advantage of these packages is the major saving on the cost of tickets. A 3-match ticket costs members €130, a saving of 40%, a 6-match package saves 45%, a 9-match package saves 50% and a 12-match package as much as 55%.

It is not necessary to select the actual matches when making the purchase. Buyers have the freedom and flexibility to pick the league matches they will attend as the season progresses. All league matches at the Camp Nou are included, apart from the game with Real Madrid.

These packages can only be purchased via the club website at fcbarcelona.cat.

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