Chinese fans

The ‘Action Barcelona’ competition organised by Catalonia Tourism, Tencent Sport, Qatar Airways and FC Barcelona has successfully completed the first two phases of selection and 50 Chinese Barça fans have been chosen from the more than 10,000 initial participants who sent in their photos and videos and took part in a quiz to test their knowledge of Barça and Catalonia.

The finalists in the next phase will now have to make a video explaining Barça’s history, with the prize for the four winners a trip to the Camp Nou on March 26th for the game against Celta.

This is the third year running that the competition has run and since its launch this year, the ‘Action Barcelona’ website has registered 1.5 million visitors.

Special Content

A total of 10,000 Chinese fans have taken part in this year’s competition via the publication of a post on Tencent Weibo (the Chinese social network site where the Club has 3.1 million followers), with the hashtag #我 爱巴萨# (I Love Barça). Amongst the most interesting posts are one from a fan who shows he’s been a supporter since he was a child more than 20 years ago a Chinese poem titled Barça, my final Guevara  and a video in which a fan shows his own footballing skills.

20 questions about the Club

The 50 finalists were selected after the 10,000 participants had to answer 20 questions about the Club and the 3 other organisers, such as “Which team did Kubala score seven goals against in a league game to set a record for the competition?”, ¨Which players starred in the video to celebrate the Chinese New Year in 2014?” or ¨Which players starred in the Qatar Airways ad ?¨

The 20 fans chosen for the final phase will be announced this week and they will have to make a video about the history of the Club. The top three – plus a guest to travel with the winner – will win a week’s trip to Catalonia, where they will have the chance to visit some of the country’s top tourist attractions and also the league game against Celta Vigo at the Camp Nou and a complementary “Camp Nou Experience”.

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