The Jiménez family, vice president Jordi Cardoner and Museum director Jordi Penas

The Jiménez family, vice president Jordi Cardoner and Museum director Jordi Penas / PHOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB

Alex Jiménez and his two suns, Estanis and Dídac, 10 and 7, respectively, could not have imagined such a dream-like morning when they visited the Camp Nou this Saturday. The father and his two sons became the 25 millionth visitors to the FC Barcelona Museum President Núñez, which was inaugurated in 1984. The three visitors were informed at 10.30 in the morning.

The visitors, all of them Club members and from Barcelona, were surprised by the news. They were received by Vice President Jordi Cardoner and Museum Director, Jordi Pena.

The father and his two sons then enjoyed an exclusive tour of the Museum and became some of the first visitors to see Leo Messi’s third Golden Boot trophy, which isn’t open to the public. They also got to visit the Camp Nou where they passed the ball around on the pitch and visited the first team’s dressing room. In addition, Estanis and Dídac were given commemorative kits.

They’ll meet Neymar Jr

They will also get to watch a match at the Camp Nou from the presidential box and they’ll get to meet their favourite player, Neymar Jr, after a training session. Their youngest brother, Damià, who became a Club member a week ago, will also get to meet the Brazilian player.

Alex and his eldest son, Estanis, have been members since 2003, and this isn’t the first time that the Jiménez family have received good news from the Club. When the season ticket waiting list was revised in 2011, they were green-lighted for two tickets.

Cardoner: “This family keeps Barça close”

“In 2003 they were put on the waiting list and a couple of years ago they got two season tickets. They are dedicated members, they are a family that keep Barça close,” said Vice President Jordi Cardoner to Barça TV. He added: “We are unbeatable when it comes to the social aspect of the Club. We have 50 million followers on Facebook and 25 million people have visited our Museum. The most important thing, however, is that the team and the Club function well.”

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