FC Barcelona’s Ordinary General Assembly have given their support, with 94% of the vote, for the 2013/14 budget  – 511 votes in favour, 12 against and 19 abstentions. The director general, Antoni Rossich, said that “the budget is realistic, rigorous and prudent.”

The Club forecasts a net revenue of 35.7 million euros after taxes, and earnings of 508.5 million euros and 457.7 million euros in expenses. Rossich explained that the budget was drawn up with the expectation that the first team will win the league title, reach the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey and the quarter finals of the Champions League.

4% increase in revenue

The Club expects a 4% increase in revenue – 18 million euros above last year’s budget. The most notable increase in revenue are the 18.1 million euros from the sale of players, including the departure of Thiago to Bayern Munich.

In addition, an increase in revenue is expected from renting out the Club’s facilities, which in turn will improve the ticket sale deficit, which is reduced because this year’s Super Cup wasn’t against Madrid and the Club doesn’t expect the team to reach the semi finals of the Champions League.

The Marketing Area grows by 4.4 million euros thanks to new commercial agreements that compensate the loss of TV3, Turkish Airlines and Regal as Club sponsors. Rossich also said that additional funds – 3 million euros over last year’s preseason – were raised from the Asia Tour and friendlies played this summer. Revenue from Media and Audiovisual Rights, however, are down from last year.

Athlete salaries increase

In terms of expenses, they increase from last term’s 442.5 million euros to 457.7 million euros. This 15.2 million additional expenditure is due to the increase in athlete salaries, which is an overall increase of 7.8% from last season. Rossich commented that this increase is borne from “renewing football players’ contracts, having two manager teams for the first team and variables that hinge on the basketball team winning the league.”

Administrative costs increase by 5.5 million euros due to increased commercial revenues and facility improvements. In addition, the amortization is also expected to increase due to the signing of players like Neymar, Papanikolau and Lampe.

The Club expects EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of 124.6 million euros which “will allow for sporting and necessary property investments while allowing us to reduce the debt.”


New office in Hong Kong

During the presentation of the 2013/14 budget, Antoni Rossich announced that FC Barcelona have opened an office in Hong Kong which will “allow the Club to improve its commercial impact in the area and improve potential growth.”

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