Sandro Rosell during the census update process

Sandro Rosell during the census update process. PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB.

The FC Barcelona members are currently receiving a letter from president Sandro Rosell to thank them for “their collaboration with the updating of the census data”. Rosell is of the opinion that the process that ended on October 31 “has made it possible to successfully meet the objectives of the census,” which are namely “to identity and update the club’s membership, improve the data records, classify and understand better the groups with specific needs and detect and correct fraud”.

He felt the process was “absolutely necessary … It was required to ensure the social health of our club and to guarantee the democratic and representative strength of our governing bodies.”

To date, a total of 129,589 members have been accounted for. Those members that were unable to provide their details during the required period still have time to do so, but those who do not regulate their situation before December 31, 2014 will lose their membership status.

In his letter to the members, Sandro Rosell also spoke of his pleasure that “at the last assembly, the reforms to the club statutes were accepted…This all benefits transparency, rigour and responsibility, and reinforces the members’ sense of belonging and involvement”.

“As president, I am proud to be able to enjoy the commitment and implication of so many members”, he concludes.

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