In the press conference to announce the proposals for the new stadium, Club President Sandro Rosell  was asked about recent reports in El Mundo alleging the total cost of the Neymar transfer was 95 million Euros, rather than the 57 the Club has declared. Rosell declared:  “I want to state again that the transfer cost 57 million and that’s it. With all respect to the judge, I’m asking him to accept the legal action and call me to declare immediately so I can tell him what I know. There is nothing to cover up, it was all perfectly above board and completely legal”.

The President made it clear that the Club was subject to confidentiality clauses which meant he couldn’t reveal all the economic details of the operation: “any confidentiality clauses involving this Club, are there because the other part demand it, I respect the contracts we sign and that’s why I would love the judge to call me to declare so I can explain the contractual questions. Barça is 1000% transparent with what it explains”.

Faus explains there was no bad intent between him and Messi

Economic Vice-President  Javier Faus also spoke at the press conference about  the declarations between himself and Messi earlier this season concerning the Argentinean’s contract:  “it’s something which is happily resolved now, as Leo has said on a number of occasions. There was no bad intent meant on either side”.

Faus spoke of Messi’s contract improvement and claimed: “he’s the best in the world and he’s been that for the last five years, whatever the awards say. He’ll continue playing for Barça . I would second the President’s words – he’s the best player in the world and he deserves the best economic treatment”.

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