Board of Directors during Bartomeu's press conference / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

The Board of Directors have approved a restructuring of the Board that gives certain directors new responsibilities. President Josep Maria Bartomeu revealed the changes during a press conference held this Monday afternoon: “These changes are borne our of necessity to renew our energy and to increase the services that the directors employ for the Club.”

One of the biggest changes is the creation of the fifth vice-president position, which will be held by Manel Arroyo. The new vice-president will be responsible for the Club’s Media and Communications. The creation of the post “is a commitment to communication, which is fundamental to us,” said Bartomeu. The president also announced that the position of spokesperson, which up until now was held by Toni Freixa, will no longer figure on the Board. From now on, Manel Arroyo will decide who will speak to the press after every Board meeting.

Additional changes

The naming of Jordi Mestre to the position of vice-president means that two directors will now have responsibilities tied to the Club’s youth academy. Silvio Elías will now oversee Barça B and Juvenil A, while Ramon Cierco – who up until now was charged with the responsibility of overseeing the roller hockey team – will be the new director of youth football.

Josep Ramon Vidal-Abarca will continue to be the Security Director, in addition to overseeing the roller hockey team. While Pilar Guinovart, director of the Social Area, will be responsible for the OAE, trips and amateur sports.

Toni Freixa will continue being the Board’s secretary in addition to presiding over the Discipline Committee. Javier Bordas, in addition to being the director of futsal and FC Barcelona’s representative to the RFEF, becomes responsible for relationships with national football federations that professionals belong to at the Club. Finally Eduard Coll becomes the vice-president and secretary of the FC Barcelona Foundation in addition to being the director of the handball team.

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