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Saturday 5th April is day of the Referendum for the New Espai Barça, and the Club has prepared a whole series of activities for the whole family, in the hope that many Barça followers will turn up and make the day a complete success. The Stadium Esplanade is the place where all the activities, for people of all ages, will take place.

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President Josep Maria Bartomeu said that “the campaign has gone down very well among the members", and added that “what we really want is a good turnout, for people to come and voice their opinions. I call upon the members to come and vote on Saturday for what they think would be best for the Club".

Saturday is all about the Referendum and it's success if many members exercise their right to vote, but it's also a day of fun for all the family.

The activities area will be open from 9 am to 3.30 pm, and admission is free for both members and their guests. In order to be able to enjoy all the activities and gain access to the installations members will need to show their membership cards at the accreditation points. Each member can bring up to 4 guests to enjoy the festive day out.

Planned activities

Amongst the exlusive activities on show, you can look for the tent that simulates the Barça dressing room, have your photo taken, and book your visit to the first team dressing room in June. You can also have your photo taken with the four Champions league Trophies.

Workshops and games for everyone:

Beat the goalie, face painting, table football, workshops for making key rings, badges, wristbans, handball, basketball and hockey games, are just some of the activities available, as well as the FC Barcelona Foundation exhibition.

Get to know the Club from the inside

  •     Pay a visit to the old Masia.
  •     Visit the FC Barcelona Museum.
  •     Visit the Ice Rink.

All activities are free for members and guests.

Don't forget to vote

And most importantly, your vote counts, so don't forget to vote YES or NO for the New Espai Barça

This Saturday FC Barcelona will live another democratic day with the referendum on the proposed New Espai Barça. A total of 118,579 members have been invited to the polls to vote yes or no to the question "I approve the proposal of the New Camp Nou, Espai Barça and the New Palau Blaugrana". It will be the second referendum in the history of the Club.

From 9 am to 9 pm voting will be open, this time in a new location: The new site will be located on the esplanade in front of the Auditorium 1899, where several tents have been set up to hold the 180 polling stations , arranged alphabetically by members surnames.

To exercise the right to vote you must identify yourself at the table with your DNI card, or passport or driving license, and they must still be valid. Remember that the conditions for voting are: being an adult, having membership for one year at least, not being on the suspended member list, and being included in the electoral roll . Also, the vote must be made in person, it cannot be delegated.

For any doubts, the Barcelona Supporter Services Office (OAB) will extend its hours on Saturday (8am to 11pm) to be able to answer any query.

Excercise your right to vote on important FC Barcelona matters, and have a great day out at the same time!!

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