Palau Blaugrana / PHOTO: ARCHIVE FCB

After the events at the Palau Blaugrana ticket booths this Sunday ahead of the match against Gipuzkoa, when fans picked up free tickets for children under the age of eight, the Club has decided to take the necessary measures to expedite the ticket printing process, and if necessary, increase the human resources at the ticketing booths ahead of future matches at the Palau. FC Barcelona want to apologise to Club members and fans who were affected by the events on Sunday.

Fans and members must have a ticket in order to gain access to the Palau, just like all other Club facilities. Children under the age of eight who are accompanied by an adult may enter the Palau given then he/she has a ticket. Up until the Euroleague match against Nanterre, tickets were collected at the access points of the Palau but now they are only available at the ticketing booths.

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