FC Barcelona coat of arms.

Futbol Club Barcelona (FCB) wishes to express its indignation at the report released this Friday by the Fiscal de l’Audiència Nacional (National Public Prosecutor’s Office) concerning the signing of Neymar da Silva Santos Junior.

It seems strange indeed that the prosecutor’s office, having asked for the players’ contracts and the annual accounts of the Club, it should now decide to instigate further action without showing any interest in the defendants.

It is also hard to understand why the prosecutor has called on entities such as FIFA or Santos FC  to present documents, which FC Barcelona is willing and able to provide, as they did on December 26last year.

The prosecutor’s decision casts doubts on what was an impeccable operation and one which has allowed FC Barcelona, for 57 million Euros, to obtain the services of a much sought after player. It is also wrong that new actions are being taken for actions which will lengthen a process we have always considered baseless and unnecessary.

The signing of  Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior involved complex and difficult negotiation. We are aware of this and have expressed this every time we have been referred to the confidential character of some of the agreements in the contract. Our rivals were prepared to do the same operation, with much more money, but due to the ability and skill of its negotiating team, FC Barcelona were able to get in first.

The complexity of the contract, which the prosecutor calls “contract simulation”, has never been in itself illegal and we believe that the prosecutor’s belief that it is, is a mistake.

Given the seriousness of this situation and although we believe in the good working of justice, we intend to act decisively to defend the honour of FCB and its President.


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