New Access gate 14 / PHOTO: FCB

The new entrance to the FC Barcelona  installations, at Access gate 14, which was announced on Monday by Board Member Jordi Moix, will open the stadium up to the surrounding neighbourhood, create new public spces, ease access to the main stand and separate pedestrian and traffic access to increase safety.

The new Access 14 also allows for easier access to the social area, the Tour Experience and the FCB Botiga Megastore, with more green spaces and trees planned to link the two interior spaces.


Next to the new access  new 1,500m2  square has been created, which includes a replica of the Font de Canaletes.

The new entrance is connected to the main Boulevard by a foot bridge, ramps, stairs and lifts. The entrance has also been adapted for people with reduced mobility, or visual or hearing impediments

New ticket sales points

The Club has also increased the number of ticket sales points by six to 16, including one for people with reduced mobility. Various improvements to the ticket offices to help minimise problems for supporters have also been introduced.

The total cost of the changes, which have taken six months, is 1.5 million Euros.



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