Orientative proposal for the new Camp Nou

This Monday, FC Barcelona has presented new details about the possible future Espai Barça and the schedule for the referendum at which the members will be able to vote whether or not to go ahead with the remodelling of the club’s 20 hectares in the district of Les Corts. Vice-presidents Javier Faus and Jordi Cardoner, and the director of the Patrimonial Department, Jordi Moix, all members of the commission that is dealing with this process, were in charge of explaining the details to the press.

Biggest in the world

Javier Faus, the economic vice-president who is chairing the commission, said that the Espai Barça “is and will be the most important sports project in Europe and the world. No city can boast a project like ours”. The idea involves “the construction of a new stadium for 105,000 spectators, a Palau for 12,000 spectators, a Palau 2, an Ice Rink, a social and commercial zone, more modern offices, a rehabilitated Masia and 5,000 parking spaces.” Faus insisted that nothing quite like this has ever been seen anywhere in the world.

Structural improvements

Jordi Moix explained that the most substantial changes will be a complete overhaul of the lowest tier, where the views will be vastly improved, the extension of the tier around the whole stadium, and the addition of a roof over the whole of the terraces. The Camp Nou would also make a substantial gain in overall space – a rise from 40,000 m2 to 104,000 m2.


In order for the members to quite sure what they are voting for when the referendum comes around, the Club is going to go to an extraordinary effort to inform the fans about the proposed new Espai Barça. Faus also insisted that this is just a proposal rather than a definitive project, and if the members voice their approval, the plans will need to be fine-tuned, there will be conversations with local residents and then the project will be submitted for international tender. Once the architect has been chosen, work will be able to commence in 2017 and should end in 2021. But the work on the terracing will only be done in the summer, meaning that very few spectators will be affected and the first team will be able to continue playing in the stadium while the work is going on.

Information for the members

Jordi Cardoner, vice-president of the Social Area, has specified the actions that the club will be implementing to make sure that the members are fully informed ahead of the referendum. It will be a simple yes/no vote and the club is hoping to encourage huge participation. The information will be available on a variety of channels, including a mobile exhibition travelling to different municipalities, the use of the supporters clubs network to get the information out to the rest of the world, and a specific website will be dedicated to the cause. There will also be a specific email address, referendum@fcbarcelona.cat, which the members can use to ask any questions or voice their concerns. The OAB will also have a special section where people will be able to go along in person with their queries. There will also be meetings held by the different directors responsible for each area.

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