Josep Maria Bartomeu launches the exhibition. PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

The permanent exhibition space of the New Espai Barça project was presented at the Camp Nou this Wednesday. The exhibition will be open to all members and supporters until April 3. Club President Josep Maria Bartomeu explained that "this is the starting point of the referendum process. This proposal is centered on a comprehensive facelift of the Stadium, and the new Palau. This will position Barca as the best club in the world in terms of facilities. It is a significant investment and we are confident of our ability to finance it. "

Upgrade needed

The New Espai Barça whose centrepiece will be the upgraded stadium, will alleviate current deficiencies which for example mean the Camp Nou cannot host a Champions League final. “The Camp Nou has evolved over the years, but UEFA are very demanding. We have identified areas where we can improve and we want the Camp Nou to be the best stadium of the twenty-first century”, explained Club Vice President, Jordi Cardoner.

Economically viable

Regarding the financing of the project, Javier Faus , Vice-President with responsibility for the Economic Area made it clear that: "the project will at no point compromise the excellence of our Club’s sporting policy" and added that "the project is financeable. We will not be saddling a generation of Barça members with big debt payments. A third of the project  - 200 million Euros – will be covered by sponsored and the rest will come from our own assets and a syndicated loan”.

In addition, Faus made it clear that the club "will have no bank debt after 2015 " and explained that therefore, they can borrow again , "it’s not as if we are re-inventing the wheel, but the fact that we owe nothing means we can take on new debt. This is a great project and a qualitative leap for the Club."


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