The six ticket machines and the information point on the Boulevard / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

The six ticket machines / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

FC Barcelona continue to improve and provide more services for the thousands of people who visit the Club, both on match days and other days. This July, the Club have installed six automatic ticket machines for the Camp Nou Experience – which includes a tour of the stadium and a visit to the museum-  on the Boulevard next to Access number 9. The machines should help alleviate the queues to back tickets for the Experience and offer the opportunity to buy tickets in four different languages, as well as allowing payment by credit card.

After the first few days, 10% of the total number of tickets have been sold on these six machines and the number could be increased to 10 in a second phase, during which there are other plans to bring in similar machines for buying tickets for football, basketball, and other games at the Stadium.

Information point for visitors

Alongside the machines, the Club have also installed an Information Point for visitors, where visitors can obtain information about all the services and activities available at the Club from staff who are able to respond in up to six languages and also help any person who is having problems with the ticket machines.

A new cafeteria, ice cream parlour and a sandwich shop are also due to be opened in the same area in September, which at the moment has a small snack bar.

Museum Hall enlarged

As well as the new services on the Boulevard, the Hall of the Museum has also been enlarged, which will allow the Museum to offer new services, such as a new audio guide system and a new information desk.

New communication link

The improvements in the Boulevard area are connected to the work planned for the improvements to Access 14, which will become the principal entrance to the Club installations. The improvements will allow for quick and comfortable movement between the new Social Area and the Museum Area and the Club Ticket Offices, where most visitors congregate.

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