Jordi Moix, during the press conference / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA-FCB

The Board Member in charge of Patrimony, Jordi Moix, believes the new project for the development of the Camp Nou is Moix believes the new Camp Nou is “exciting, sustainable and necessary". He explained that if the project is approved in the referendum of April 5/6, the new Camp Nou will "definitively consolidate our prime asset in the best possible place to help us continue to be a reference for the whole world”.

Moix also assured the assembled media: “the proposal is compatible with the needs of the Club and its integration with the neighbourhood and the city. Investing in our assets is vital for the competitiveness of the team and the Club, which we all want”

18 month long process

The Board have taken 18 months on the project so far, with an initial investment of about one million Euros and Sr Moix explained: “it was the time to look at everything and we wanted to be able to consider everything. That’s why we created a work group – made up of 18 people- which considered the specifics of our Club, the needs of our members and the experience of other installations such as the Bayern Munich, Arsenal or Athletic Bilbao stadiums”.

Discarded options

The first phase of the process looked at a total of five options for the new Camp Nou. The first three options were soon discarded – the first proposed a new stadium on the site of the Miniestadi and was dismissed because of lack of space. The second involved knocking down the current stadium in phases, which proved too technically complex and the third echoed the solution chosen in Bilbao, but was dismissed because of the reduction in capacity.

This meant that the two options which were finally considered were that of a new stadium on the Diagonal and the chosen option of building onto the present structure of the existing stadium.

“The second phase lasted over the last six months and we finally arrived at the decision to discard the option of the Diagonal, primarily because of the cost implied in this option, close to 1,200,000 Euros, which was a cost which we could not assume. The technical circumstances were also very complex, though we felt that they were achievable”.

Model will soon be available

Moix also explained that  “within a month and a month and a half”, members would be able to examine the model  of the project so that they can make a clearer decision on the day of the referendum.

Should the referendum approve the project, the Club will open an architectural competition  to choose the final details: “the front of the ground and the covering will be the final part of the process, but there is a long way to go till then”.

Before that, the Club members and fans should: “call on the spirit  of 1922(when the original Les Corts Stadium was inaugurated), of 1957 (when the Camp Nou was opened) and 1982 (the date of the stadium’s remodelling for the World Cup), as well as that shown for the 1992 Olympic Games”.




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