Toni Freixa, on tuesday / PHOTO: GERMAN PARGA - FCB

Although the process for updating the membership lists was originally meant to end on June 30, Toni Freixa announced on Tuesday that, exceptionally, FC Barcelona members will now have until October 30, 2013 to update and normalise their details. "Some 100,000 members, 60% of the total, have already done it” said the secretary and spokesman for the board. Asked what will happen to members who fail to update their details, Freixa answered that "following the reforms made to the Statutes, we can cancel those memberships. However, we understand that Barça members will have no problems accrediting who they are. I don’t think there will be any need for such drastic measures”.

Freixa added that the new statutes will shortly be being presented for acceptance. "On Monday we were visited by the president of the Statutes Reform Commission and we are looking to finalise the last details before we can publish the definitive text” he said at this special conference to report on Monday’s board meeting.

New sponsorship agreements

On a separate issue, he commented that "in relation to marketing and commercial actions, we shall shortly be announcing new sponsorship agreements which will suppose some two million euros in additional income for the club.”

On the same subject, Freixa also spoke about the sponsorship situation of the non-football teams at the club. “There might be one sponsor for all of the sections, or we might continue with the current formula, with one sponsor for each section” he said.

Other board agreements

The following are other agreements made at Monday’s board meeting and announced on Tuesday by Toni Freixa in the Ricard Maxenchs pressroom:

- Remove numbers from certain parking places for the highest attendance fixtures. This will involve a reduction of 36% in the cost for rent of the affected parking places. The cost of the other parking places will be increased by 2.4%.

- Outsource the turnstile system in order to improve the quality of the service.

- The Board homologated 18 new Barça supporters clubs, six of which are international.

Transfer talk

As for the football team, Freixa admitted that the club is still working on signing the players that the coaching staff have expressed an interest in. "Barça can allow itself to undertake all the operations that the coaches have requested, as has always been the case” he said. “But we cannot reveal to the market how much money we are willing to spend.” He also spoke about the current director of football, saying that "Zubizarreta has a contract until June 30, 2014 and the rest of his team until 2016".

He was also asked to speak about Neymar’s wonderful display at the Confederations Cup. "Barça are delighted to have such a great player coming next season” he said. “All our hard work has managed to bring us a player that is amazing the world.”

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