Gerard Piqué is one of the stars of the FC Barcelona and Qatar Airways commercial / PHOTO: @3gerardpique

On Tuesday, the new commercial for FC Barcelona and Qatar Airways was shown at the official presentation of the new partnership. In just 24 hours, the ad was already proving a huge hit with the fans with over 1,800,000 visits to the English and Catalan versions of the club’s official YouTube channel.

It only took a day for the video starring Messi, Piqué, Puyol, Neymar and the other big stars to be seen by almost two millions users in the two languages.

From Wednesday, the Qatar Airways commercial, which visually expresses how one of the world’s biggest football clubs and one of the world’s biggest airlines have come together in a global partnership using the slogan ‘a team that unites the world’, started appearing on some of the world’s biggest TV networks.

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