Javier Faus, al costat de Cardoner i Moix. FOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

During this afternoon’s press conference on the Espai Barça, Javier Faus, economic vice-president of the Club, explained that the estimated cost of the project will be be 600 million euros and he noted that Barça members will not be called upon to foot the bill. Faus also declared that “the first team sporting project and the Club’s professional teams will not be at risk.”

What is the Espai Barça?

In addition to remodeling the Camp Nou and increasing its capacity to 105,000 (known as the ENEA project), the Espai Barça will also boast a new Palau Blaugrana with a capacity of 12,000, an additional court with a capacity of 2,000, an ice rink, the Social Area, Commercial Area, Club offices, La Masia and 5,000 parking spaces. The Espai Barça “is and will be the most important sports project in Europe and the world. No city can boast a project like ours,” insisted Faus.

The cost of the Nou Camp Nou will be 400 million euros

Increasing the capacity of the stadium to over 100,000, building a roof over the stands, making the stadium more comfortable, and improving visibility for the fans are the main features of the Nou Camp Nou. Construction will start in 2017 and end in 2021, and the total cost will be 600 million euros – this includes the new Palau Blaugrana and the additional projects around the Camp Nou.

“We won’t ask members to pay for the project, and we won’t increase the price for season tickets,” said Faus. “The Espai Barça will not put the Club’s professional teams at risk.”

Club members will have the necessary information ahead of the referendum

The Club will do everything in its power to make information on the construction project available to the Club members, but certain questions won’t be possible to answer until an architect is selected to complete the project and the design of the Espai Barça is completed.  “We will have a world wide contest before we select the definitive project,” said Faus.

“Next season we won’t have bank debt”

The stadium will cost 420 million euros, the Palau 90, parking 40, the Espai Barça 30, and the demolition of the Mini, approximately 20. “This project won’t be paid for by a millionaire, we will pay for it. We aren’t concerned with who will lend us the money, what can preoccupy us is how we are going to give it back without putting our athletic excellence at risk,” said Faus.

“We’re close to a cash flow of 100 million euros. If we get to 110 million euros we can sign new players and budget for the new project. Up until now we’ve reduced our debt. Starting next season we won’t have bank, Social Security or Treasury debt.”

On the surname of the Camp Nou, Faus said that the decision will put to the Assembly. “We will never lose our name, the Camp Nou, but the Board of Directors will have to select the best offer,” he said. Faus added that the Club could net a total of 150 million euros if the decision to add a surname to the stadium is approved. This sum could go up to 300 million if the Club decided to sell the naming rights of the stadium, but the vice-president noted that the option is not being considered. Finally he said that “if members believe that the Camp Nou should have a commercial name, they need to vote no during the referendum.”


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