Jordi Moix at the presentation

Jordi Moix during the presentation

Jordi Moix attended The Stadium Business Summit 2014, an annual conference that focuses on stadiums and arenas, this afternoon in London. The director explained what the new Espai Barça at an exposition called ‘Transforming the Camp Nou.’

“It’s a big project, it will be the most important sports project in Europe and the world. No other club have 20 hectares in the center of a big city and can build this kind of project. Barça’s installations will be completely integrated into the neighborhood of Les Corts and it will be in the center of the beautiful city of Barcelona,” said Moix to an interested audience.

The director went on to say that the Club will begin construction on the stadium in 2017 and finish in 2021. Moix highlighted the plans to completely overhaul the Camp Nou and make it a next-generation stadium. He also talked about the construction of the new Palau, which will see its capacity increased to 12,000, a new arena, a new ice rink, now commercial areas, new offices and 5,000 additional parking spaces.

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