This Thursday the draw, in the presence of a Notary, was held at FC Barcelona offices, for the 1,870 tickets that the Club has been allocated for its members, for the Champions League match against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium (February 18 , at 20.45) . The cut-off number is 109, so from that number we will start to allocate the tickets available.

It’s worth remembering that FC Barcelona members had requested 3,370 tickets, grouped together in 1,398 requests, in a process that closed on Wednesday at 19.00.

From this Thursday on the Club will contact the winning members, for payment of the tickets, and communicate collection instructions. Please note that the tickets must be collected in person by the member who will be using them. In the event that the member is unable to collect them personally, the name and ID of the person who will pick them up, with the corresponding authorization, must be communicated. This person can only collect up to eight tickets.

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