Jordi Cardoner, during the draw. PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA-FCB.

This Wednesday, in the Ricard Maxenchs press room, the draw was made, before a notary, for the  13,158 tickets that the Club has available for its members for the Spanish Cup Final on Wednesday 16th of April in Mestalla against Real Madrid.The cut-off number was 12,876. So, the lucky applications are from 12,876 up to 15,479 and from 1 to 3,219.

It's worth remembering that members applied for 36,323 tickets, grouped in 15,479 applications in a process which closed on Monday at 7p.m. 50 tickets were also drawn between the 1,000 senator members.

From this Wednesday the Club will be in contact with the winning members with a view to charging for the tickets and comminicating instructions for their collection. Please note that the tickets must be picked up by the member who will use them. In the case that the member is unable to collect them, the name and DNI of the person who will collect them, together with the corrsponding authorisation, must be communicated. This person can only collect up to eight tickets for other people.

Ticket collection should be carried out at the new turnstiles, located at Access 14. Just behind these is the office of FCB Viatges, where you can purchase travel tickets by train or coach that the Club will provide, and will mean travelling on the day of the match.

Travelling by train or coach

In the case of the train, the Club has 800 seats available. If you choose one of the five regular trains that leave from Sants station on the 16th in the morning until noon, the ticket price is 70 euros. In the case of travelling with the convoy at the time scheduled (charter), which will leave at 10 a.m. from Sants, the price is 70 euros (tourist class) and 98 euros (business class). On each train and at the stations in Barcelona and València there will be travel assistance.

There is also the option to take the coach from the four provincial capitals of Catalonia. All vehicles will leave on the morning of the 16th, bound for Valencia and the ticket price is 35 euros if you leave from Girona, Lleida, and Barcelona, or 30 euros if you start the journey from Tarragona. This price includes travel insurance and each coach will have a guide. Moreover, people who go from Barcelona can park their own car in the Club car-parks (until capacity is reached).

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