Team photo at the Wailing Wall / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

The second day of the ‘Peace Tour’ started with a trip to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. This is the western wall of Temple Mount and is a sacred site for Judaism.

Although it was a working day in Israel, crowds of people, mainly youngsters, were waiting to welcome the Barça players as they arrived at the Wailing Wall, and watched as they donned kippahs and observed the Jewish ritual.

A special zone of the wall was set aside for the FC Barcelona touring party, where there was short photo session and a guide explained the significance of the place. In accordance with tradition, the players then wrote their wishes on pieces of paper and slotted them into gaps in the wall in the hope that they’ll come true.

After the visit, the players moved on to the residence of the president of Israel, where they were welcomed by Shimon Peres and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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