Arroyo and Cardoner

Arroyo and Cardoner / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

During a press conference held this Monday evening, Manel Arroyo and Jordi Cardoner explained the Board’s decision in regards to FIFA’s two-window transfer ban imposed on the Club. The fifth vice-president said that Club and the Spanish Football Federation are working together to address the matter: “We’re working on an appeal that will give us an interim suspension of the transfer ban.”

Support for Zubizarreta” 

Arroyo went on to explain that football director Andoi Zubizarreta “has the complete and absolute support of the Board.” The vice-president added that “he has a lot of work in front of him and we want to focus on the sporting aspect of the Club. Obviously everything can be improved, we don’t like what has happened in the past couple of days.” He continued: “We want to have a normal summer. We’re convinced that we will be able to sign new players. It’s a significant ban and our legal team is working so that we’ll be able to sign new players this summer.”

Arroyo revealed that Barça’s youth system could go through some changes in the coming seasons: “We’ll study the formats in which youth football currently works in order to improve the process. We constantly self-analyse. If there are any processes that take us to the brink of breaking any rule, we’ll revise it. There’s an ongoing internal investigation.”

Work Commission to be named in the coming weeks

The vice-president then went on to talk about the recent referendum on the New Espai Barça and the next steps the Board will take to get the process rolling. “It’s a very important request from the Club members that requires a lot of responsibility on our part. We have to be dutiful and detailed in our work. It’s the most important project in the history of the Club.” In addition, he explained that a work commission will be formed in the coming weeks: “In the next weeks or months we’ll announce the Work Commission.”


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