Members voting at an Assembly / PHOTO: FCB ARCHIVE

The Palau Blaugrana will host the Ordinary General Assembly of the Club this afternoon from 4 pm.  One of the main issues to be dealt with is the adaptation and reform, if necessary, of the Club Statutes.  According to the Board’s spokesman, Toni Freixa: “We have basically classified the reforms in four categories: those that are simply a question of editing; those that we’ve done to adjust to reality; those we’ve done to bring us into line with current regulations and then those that are genuine innovations that we believe should be included to enhance the participation of the membership and the economic control of the Club”.

As usual, the delegates will have to approve the accounts for the 2012/2013 season –32m € profit– and the budget for 2013/2014.  This will rise to 509m €, the first time the annual budget of the Club has exceeded 500m €.

Briefing sessions

On Wednesday and Thursday, the Club organized a series of briefing sessions to prepare delegates for today’s meeting.  The sessions were held in the 1899 Auditorium and members’ questions were answered by four members of the Board of Directors.  Those members wishing to attend these sessions simply had to fill in an enrolment form on the Club’s website.  They all received a copy of the 2012/13 Annual Report of FC Barcelona in advance.

Finally, vice-president Jordi Cardoner highlighted a number of innovations in the make-up of the Assembly. “The election of 25 delegates by the Board is something that we don’t think is appropriate in the 21st century.  On the other hand we do believe that the official supporters’ clubs should play a part.  These people are close to the Club and represent a particular region.  They have to have a voice in these Assemblies".

Large media presence

The Ordinary General Assembly of FC Barcelona is always a newsworthy event.  This year, a total of 105 media pros from 31 organizations are covering the meeting.

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