Areal view of the New Espai Barça

Club members flocked to the Camp Nou this Saturday to vote on the proposed New Espai Barça project. In addition to voting, members enjoyed an array of activities programmed by the Club which included games for children, workshops, face painting, musical performances, and more.

Without a doubt, today was a manifestation of the Club’s democratic values and its slogan is “More than a Club.” FC Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu said to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.com, “I’m very satisfied. It’s a great day, a democratic festival for the Barça members. Voting made me very happy, as did seeing so many votes cast by members. It’s a huge project that will improve the Club for years to come.”

He continued: “The most important thing is that the members decide [the future of the Club] in a massive way. We should give an example of our democratic values, and the whole world will see it.” He added: “The members have given me strength. We will continue to work very hard like we always have and we continue to solve problems.”

Members vote YES

A total of 27,161 (72.36%) Club members backed the New Espai Barça proposal, which means that the project will move forward.The results of the vote were given by President Bartomeu in a press conference that started shortly after 9:00 PM CET. After he announced the vote tally, he declared, “days like today are when the world sees what FC Barcelona is and means.” He added: “The support for the Espai Barça proposal has been extraordinary.”

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The Espai Barça project goes well beyond the reconstruction and remodeling of the Camp Nou. In addition to increasing the capacity of the current stadium to 105,000 and completely remodeling the current structure of the Camp Nou, the Espai Barça project entails building a new Palau Blaugrana with a capacity of 12,000, an additional court with a capacity of 2,000, an ice rink, a new Social Area, a new Commercial Area, revamped Club offices, La Masía and adding 5,000 parking spaces. If the proposal is approved, the year for completion of the New Espai Barça is 2021, as seen in the below graph:


YES 27,161 (72.36%) 

NO 9,589 (25.55%)



Turnout: 37,535 socis (31.65%)

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