Javier Faus speaking at the press conference

Javier Faus, during the presentation of the project / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

The Project for the new Camp Nou will cost 600 million Euros, 420 of which will be for the new stadium, 90 for the new Palau and the other 90 for the parking spaces, the Espai Barça and the new Mini Estadi amongst other items.  Javier Faus explained that the project will be financed over eight years (2016-2024), primarily from the Club’s own resources. “We will not mortgage a whole generation of Barça fans to pay for this project. We have decided against any big contributions from members or from organisations outside of the Club. This implies that the Club can continue to manage itself in a sustainable way”.

Javier Faus also stressed that as Sandro Rosell has made clear, the project shouldn’t affect any sporting part of the Club: “this is a new Camp Nou, which is sustainable and won’t put our sporting excellence at risk”.

Financing the project

There are four possible sources for financing the project. Faus announced that the Club had decided against giving a sponsor the chance to give a name to the stadium, but explained there was an option for a company to have title rights to the stadium for 20 or 25 years which could bring in 150 million Euros. Another 50 million could be gained from letting out spaces to hotels and shops.

The rest of the finance will come from the Club’s own resources – with the Club’s debt reduced to 200 million Euros a new credit of 200 million would be requested, whilst a further 200 would come from what Faus called “internal financing”. “We have to continue to reduce the debt and continue to generate the 30 million a year we have been doing. The new project will also generate an additional  30 million Euros”, primarily through hospitality, ticketing and publicity.


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