Promotional image of the Catalunya Turisme competition


For the third year in a row, FC Barcelona is helping to promote Catalonia in China by means of a competition being run in association with Tencent Sport, Catalunya Turisme and Qatar Airways. The prize for the ‘Barcelona Action’ winners will be a trip around Catalonia, including the chance to watch a game at the Camp Nou.

The 2014 competition started last week and is divided into different phases. In the first, entrants have to publish content about Barça on the Tencent Weibo social network, where FC Barcelona has an official page with more than 2 million followers. After that, the Chinese fans have to answer a quiz that tests their knowledge of Barça and Catalonia and publish a video telling their own Barça history. On March 6, the winners will be announced.

In the two first editions, seven Chinese Barça fans enjoyed coming to Catalonia and seeing a match at the Camp Nou. This time, the four winners will be in the country from March 22 to 27, and will be here to see their favourite team take on Celta Vigo.

The two previous editions of the competition run by the Catalan tourist board, Catalunya Turisme, received more than 10,000 messages from FC Barcelona supporters in China, who used photos and videos to explain their lives in relation to the football club. The competition website received an astonishing 2.5 million visits. Stories emerged such as the one about the schoolteacher who taught her pupils the names of the FCB players and the Barça anthem and fans whose homes were full of FC Barcelona memorabilia.

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Sightseeing around Catalonia

The Chinese winners of the previous editions not only visited the Camp Nou, but also several other emblematic places around Catalonia. Gaudí’s architecture, the Dalí Museum, a wine tour in the Penedès regions and a trip to the Costa Brava were just a few of the national treasures that they got to enjoy. FC Barcelona has been involved throughout, thereby doing its bit to promote Catalonia around the world.

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