Francisco Martín Aguilar and Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Francisco Martín Aguilar and Josep Maria Bartomeu. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.

Josep Maria Bartomeu will experience his first match at the Camp Nou – against Málaga – as FC Barcelona president. It’s been a long and busy day for Bartomeu as it started out with the traditional meal between directors from both Barça and Málaga.

On this occasion, the meal was hosted at a restaurant in the centre of Barcelona, and the president was accompanied by vice-president Jordi Cardoner and the treasurer Susana Monje. Before the meal, Bartomeu and Málaga’s advisory director Francisco Martín Aguilar posed for photographs.

The president talked to the press and he called for unity within the Club: “We’re halfway through what looks to be a very good season, we have to support the team.”

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