Herbert y Hill, en el Camp Nou.

Herbert y Hill, en el Camp Nou. FOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB.

The two former Formula 1 divers Damon Hill and Johnny Herbert visited the FC Barcelona Museum this afternoon. Coinciding with the Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Catalunya Circuit, Hill and Herbert, who now commentate for the British network Sky Sports, are filming a report about the most emblematic places in the city of Barcelona.

“I don’t have a lot of knowledge of the world of football, but I have a lot of respect for one of the biggest clubs of the world,” said Hill. The world champions acknowledged that Barcelona “is a very interesting city with a fantastic history,” and he commented on his first visit to the Catalan city: “It was in 1973, I was going to the Montjuïc Circuit, and I remember that Barça were playing that night and that this city really loves its team.”

Johnny Heart noted that he admires Messi: “He’s not a tall player, but the ball is glued to his foot and it’s fantastic to watch him.” Herbert went on to say that the Camp Nou “is a fantastic stadium”, and that his visit to the Museum was “very interesting” and that “Catalans are marvelous people”.

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