FC Barcelona and Panasonic

FC Barcelona and Panasonic Corporation have signed a global collaboration agreement by which the Japanese company will become an official partner of the Club and will benefit from marketing and visibility rights for the next three years.

As a result of the agreement, which will continue until 2016, Panasonic will obtain a series of rights, including among others brand association, the use of the Barça image and the benefits included in the sponsorship programme. Panasonic thus acquires the right to call itself an official partner and to be the Official FC Barcelona TV device.

The Japanese brand will henceforth be collaborating with FC Barcelona in commercial activities around the world and will be conducting activities related with the promotion of VIERA as the “Official FC Barcelona Television Device”, including the 3D display of matches in stores, shop windows, product campaigns and the use of the Barça image and brand on its website and Facebook profile.

The association of the image of FC Barcelona as one of the strongest and most popular teams in the world and that of VIERA, which is aiming to become the leading brand in the TV market, is the key to this new link between Barça and the Japanese company.

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational that offers a wide range of audiovisual technologies, including wide screens and professional broadcast equipment. Through the use of these technologies in its televisions and other domestic appliances, Panasonic will continue to create an environment in which people all around the world will be able to enjoy the passion for sport in simple but high quality fashion

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