Madrid v Barça

[[BOTOVERMELL::FINAL APLLICATION FORM++::http://taquilla.fcbarcelona.cat/eng/formfinalcopa2014.php::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

From 10.00 on Thursday March 13 through to Monday March 17 at 7.00 pm CET Club members can make their applications for tickets to the Spanish Cup Final against Real Madrid(16 April, 9,30 pm CET), exclusively via the club website.

Sales are exclusively for club members and tickets must be purchased via a form that is available in the members section of the club website at www.fcbarcelona.cat. Each member may only apply for one ticket, but up to four members can apply on the same form, so that they can travel together. Membership number and password key which appear on the 2014 membership card will be required to make the application. Child members are excluded from this application process.

Possible draw for tickets on March 19

 All applications will be processed at the end of the established period. If there are more applications than tickets available, at 10.00 am CET on Wednesday March 19 a draw will be held at the Club in the presence of a notary between all applicant members. On 19, 20 and 21 March, the club will contact the lucky members, charge for the tickets and inform them of how to go about collecting them.

Credit card needed

Applications will be considered as a definite intention to purchase and at the moment that the application is made, you will be required to introduce credit card information. Should the application be accepted – either directly or as a result of the draw – your card will automatically and immediately charged 45 Euros. The difference between this amount and the final price to be paid after your ticket has been selected must be paid at the ticket offices when you pick up the tickets. Ticket collection will be in the order of the winners in the draw.

Prices from 45 Euros

Tickets for the Spanish Cup Final in Mestalla (Valencia) will be on sale from 45 Euros. If a joint application is made, you only need to give details of a single credit card, which will be charged the full amount of the reservation fees. If the payment can’t be made for any reason, the right to buy a ticket will be lost.

85% of tickets for Club Members

In line with the agreement made with the Federación Española de Fútbol, the Club will have 19,350 tickets to distribute, with the rest being distributed by the Federation. As usual, 85% of these tickets will be made available to club members (16,448) and supporters clubs (3, 289), with the rest (2,903) going to sponsors and institutional and sporting commitments made by the club.

[[BOTOVERMELL::FINAL APLLICATION FORM++::http://taquilla.fcbarcelona.cat/eng/formfinalcopa2014.php::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

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