Imatge d'un nen aquest dissabte en el partit entre el Barça-Granada

2.989 children under 8 watched the Barça-Granada game today / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

 A total of 2.989 Club members applied for tickets for their young children or grandchildren for today’s game against Granada at the Camp Nou. The vast majority -2.276- applied for the tickets via internet, with the rest using one of the specially prepared ticket offices to pick them up today,

Club vice-president Jordi Cardoner expressed his satisfaction with the fact that there “were no problems at all with the process  - no child was left without a ticket, which was the objective we had set”, The Club had guaranteed a minimum of 3.000 tickets today,

Today’s was the third game  that the system for tickets for the under eights has been used and the Club is committed to strengthening the system and ensuring waiting times are cut, as well as making it as easy as possible to obtain the tickets.

Internet reservations

The Club recommends that applications are made via internet to avoid queues at the ground. The next two games at the Camp Nou, against Celtic on December 11th and Villarreal on December 14th(20.00). Tickets for the European game can be applied for from December 5th, whilst for the Villarreal match applications can be made from 8th December.

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