Any Nou Xinès amb els Barça Toons

To celebrate Chinese New Year, FC Barcelona has launched a new episode of Barça Toons with a very special character. He’s a Chinese boy called Xiao Sao, who celebrates the biggest event of the year in China with the Barça players.

Xiao Sa represents a 12-year-old boy from Beijing with a love for football, and especially for Barça. He goes to La Masia in Barcelona with the dream of playing for Barça and spends New Year outside of his country. In the cartoon, the Barça players celebrate the event with him. Xiao Sa and his new friends decorate the house with traditionally red decorations and enjoy some typical Chinese dishes.

This special episode with the Toons is a special gift from FC Barcelona to its supporters in China, and is our way of celebrating the event with them.

Chinese New Year takes place next week, on February 10, the same day that Barça have a Liga fixture at home to Getafe. The game kicks off at 12.00 noon CET, which gives supporters in the Far East the rare opportunity to watch a Barça game kick off in what will be the evening in that part of the world.

In China, the game is going out live on public channel CCTV-5 and on the Tencent Sport website, so Chinese supporters will be able to celebrate New Year while enjoying FCB live on television! The club is working on a number of ideas to promote the match in China and providing especially extensive coverage on the Chinese section of the club website (www.fcbarcelona.cn) and also on the most important social networking site in the country, Tencent Weibo (t.qq.com/fcbarcelona).


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