Canvi de gespa del Camp Nou. FOTO: ÀLEX CAPARROS-FCB.

The grass will now receive the upkeep needed to help its growth and strengthen the rooting process so that it will be in perfect condition for the first league game on the weekend of 18th/19th August. This work involves the gradual cutting at different levels of the turf and its oxygenation by forking to help the roots to strengthen.

The turf came from Bordeaux and the laying has been done by the Irish company SIS (Support in Sport). It is the same kind of grass that was laid a few weeks ago, by the Royal Verd company, on training pitch number 1 at the Ciutat Esportiva where the first team normally train.

The process at the Camp Nou has been delayed as long as possible to give the turf more time in the Atlantic climate in Bordeux, so that it arrives in as fresh a state as possible.

In order to make the surface at the Camp Nou and the Ciutat Esportiva as similar as possible, special work was needed on the subsoil by combining different sands and soils, with more than nine tonnes of sand and two tons of nutrients used at the Camp Nou.

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