Pitch number 1 Ciutat Esportiva / PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

During July, when the teams are mainly on holiday the Club is making a number of improvements at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, with newly laid turf on the pitch number 1, of the same type, from Bordeux, as that used at the Camp Nou.

The pitch is going to be completely re-laid, with the undersoil and the turf itself being replaced The subsoil is being improved in order to strengthen the rooting system, with 810 cubic metres of organic material, 14 tonnes of sand and five tonnes of other fertilizers and nutrients.

13,500 square metres of turf

The work on pitch number 1, involving the laying of 13,500 square metres of turf, began on June 27th and is set to finish on July 9th .The turf will be allowed to settle until July 21st and will be available for the first team to use from July 23rd. Before that, Tito Villanova’s men will train on pitch number 2.

The first team gym will also be extended by 200 square metres in order to fit in extra material and machinery to ensure the players’ maximum fitness for next season.

Barça B changing rooms joined with Youth teams

The Barça B changing rooms have also been remodelled and joined together with the two Youth teams, as a first step to creating separate changing rooms for all the reserve and academy teams.

Improved services for the public

A new bar and toilet facilities have also been installed for the spectators who come along to watch the younger academy teams at the Ciutat Esportiva.

Sports hall ready

The sports hall at the Ciutat Esportiva is also getting a facelift, with the floor being resurfaced and a study undertaken to create halls so that every section can have a hall for their reserve and academy teams. These will be built on the land recovered last year alongside the current hall.

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