The board spokesperson and secretary Toni Freixa gave a press conference on Tuesday evening to explain the decisions made at the latest Executive Meeting. One of the key issues which Sr Freixa dealt with was yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court which obliges ex-President Joan Laporta and seven of the directors who served under him to present guarantees to cover the more than 23 million Euro loss corresponding to the 2002/03 season. “It’s a clear sentence and the decision is unquestionable. It clarifies for once and for all the mandate of the previous board. We expect that we will receive the guarantee, because we live in a society which respects the law. The sentence orders the accused to guarantee the debt – not to pay it off. We are waiting for the Club member who made the original charges to ask for the sentence to be carried out. We won’t rule out getting a guarantee which the law has provided”. The sentence will only be carried out under Spanish law, if the person who brought about the original accusation wishes for it to be so.

The decision of the Assemblea de Compromissaris del 2010 to demand a response is now, explained Sr Freixa, “suspended, because Sr Laporta’s board have appealed against the legitimacy of that Assemblea. Their demand was turned down in the first instance and is now at the appeal court of the Audiència Provincial ”.

Financial situation

Turning to the Club’s current economic position, Sr Freixa explained that as of December 31st 2012: “we are perfectly in line with our budget - we’ll see what the results of the next quarter are like. We are fulfilling the strategic plan, which guarantees sporting excellence and investment with satisfactory economic results”. The Club’s 2012/13 budget foresees a 29 million Euro profit at the end of the season.

Toni Freixa also commented on the “Baena Case” in which the courts decided that Barça didn’t have the right to the 3 million Euros they had claimed once the youngster left the Club: “it obliges us to look again at the contracts we are offering to under age players, as the sentence declares that pre-contracts with penalisation clauses are not valid”.

Midday kick offs

Sr Freixa explained that the midday kick-off against Getafe: “was a great success for the fans and a great game. We’ve sorted out any doubts we had and it’s clear that we can play at midday, although we have always said that playing at that time could harm the regional game here. We are open to suggestions and we would admit that this was a great success, both in sporting and social terms”.

The Board Spokesperson also commented on the four o’clock kick off for the Madrid game on March 2nd: “we’ll do what is asked of us. We didn’t want to play on Friday and we will play at this time to suit Madrid. We accepted the proposal and we will be there to play that game”.

Trip to Israel and Palestine

Finally, Freixa gave the details of the trip that the President, Sandro Rosell and Vice-President Javier Faus will be leading to Israel and Palestine to strengthen the links between the Club and the Middle East. The visit will take place between 21 and 23 February and the delegation from the Club will visit Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ramallah and meet with the Israeli President Shimon Peres and the President of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmud Abbas.

46 new penyes

Toni Freixa also announced that the board had admitted 46 new penyes, the majority in the Spanish State and 11 abroad.

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