El Pack Entrades x12 caducarà en breu

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At the start of September, the Club offered fans the chance to buy packs of 3, 6, 9 or 12 tickets for 2012-13 league games at the Stadium. The offer meant a 55% discount for Club members on individual ticket prices and 45% discount for the general public

3 and 12 game packs most popular

The most popular packs so far have proven to be those for 3 and 12 games, with 40% and 50% of sales respectively. However, with the game against Atletico Madrid on the weekend of 16th December marking the point at which only 11 home games are left to be played, the 12 ticket pack will then be withdrawn. Remember, these packs can only be purchased via the Club website.

Flexibility and great savings

The Ticket Packs represent a great option for fans who want to see Tito Villanova’s team in action on the Camp Nou pitch in this season and allows supporters to choose the games they want to watch ahead of time and also enjoy fantastic savings!

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