Given the increasing professionalism of the sport sections –basketball, handball, futsal and roller hockey – it was necessary to remodel the changing rooms in the Palau Blaugrana in order to improve the work of the teams and the media. The project, which was announced on Tuesday by the board member responsible for the Club’s buildings, Mr Jordi Moix, will also include the updating of emergency exits to meet current health and safety regulations. The work started earlier this summer.

Extension and refurbishment

The project posed a number of logistical problems as it is not easy to gain space in the Palau. Nevertheless, the solution was to extend the installations downwards – including the FCBotiga and the space presently occupied by the Social Area (Barça supporters’ office, the supporters’ clubs and the Office for specialised attention) which as of October will move to the old “Picadero” building. A large hole has been dug in the Boulevard, between the OAB and the Palau, in order to gain 700 m2 and completely remodel another 700 m2. The building work is due to be completed in the first half of September, before the sports sections begin their competitive seasons.

The extension will enable the dressing rooms of the four sections to be completely remodelled and include new individual offices for the coaches. An area is also being built for visiting teams and match officials. The players will benefit from the changes but so will the media. A new and better equipped press room is being built that will triple the available room.

Moix: "The aim is to build a new Palau"

The board member in charge of Economics and Strategy, and the person responsible for Club buildings, Mr Jordi Moix, told us, “We will get our money’s worth from this investment”. The 1.7m € project should not be interpreted as a sign that a new Palau has been ruled out. Quite the opposite. “Taking advantage of the fact that we were remodelling the HQ of the Social Area, it seemed appropriate to do this as well. But we are aware that the Palau is still conceptually obsolete. The aim is to build a new one”.

The Club will invest a total of 8.2 m € in buildings over the 2012/13 season, most of it in improvements to the Camp Nou (3.9 m) and the Sports City (1,7 m).

Changing the parquet

Apart from the extension of the changing rooms, the Palau Blaugrana court is also being upgraded with a new surface for next season.

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