Imatge de la nova àrea social

The building work on the new HQ of the Social Area of FC Barcelona is well underway and is due to be completed in autumn. The vice-president of the Social Area, Jordi Cardoner, and Jordi Moix, the board member responsible for buildings, have revealed the details of this new space, which with this remodelling, will respond to the Club’s constant need for new services. The aim is to make the new Social Area not just a physical space but also a meeting point, as comfortable as possible, designed to offer a widening range of services.

Strengthening the dialogue between Club and neighbourhood

Located in the old Palau Blaugrana 2 building, better known as “Picadero”, on the south corner of the junction between Travessera de les Corts and Arístides Maillol, the new Social Area HQ falls within the quarter of Les Corts, thereby strengthening the dialogue between the neighbourhood and the Club. With this in mind, Jordi Moix emphasised the importance of the fact that “it doesn’t use up new space, it’s based on a philosophy of refurbishment and does not imply much investment”. Moix also explained that although the work will provide adequate facilities for the present, the area could be the focus of “future plans”.

At the service of the membership

The remodelling of the Palau Blaugrana 2 building will retain the shell but divide the space into two zones. One will house the FC Barcelona Supporters Services Office (OAB), the Supports Club members Office (OAP) and the Office of Specialised Attention (OAE). The new facilities will enable us to improve the service and comfort for members and supporters club members, who will have all the services they require concentrated in one place. The facade of the building facing onto the Travessera de les Corts will also be refurbished.

New Paris Room

The other zone will house the new Paris Room, It will be much bigger and better equipped and will convert into a large auditorium for holding the Club’s grandest occasions such as presenting new signings and the Supporters’ Clubs Congress. It will also widen the range of spaces for hire that the Club offers to companies and individuals. The new space will measure 716 m2 and accommodate 620 people. The current Paris Room will be used to extend the FCBBotiga Megastore to a third floor.

A new meeting point for members

With the transfer of the social offices to their new location, the Club intends the Arístides Maillol entrance (Gate 14) to become the main way in to the installations of FC Barcelona. A new entrance will also be build from the Travessera de les Corts which will have direct access to the Social Area. A square will also be built to serve as a meeting point for members. It will have a bar and will be available on match days before the stadium itself opens.

Basement warehouse

The basement will hold a warehouse where suppliers that work in the Camp Nou can store their materials and have their own space. The idea is to concentrate these materials in one place rather than have them scattered throughout the stadium as present.

A meeting point for Barça fans

The vice-president for the Social Area, Jordi Cardoner, told us that the aim of the new HQ was to become “a meeting point for Barça fans” throughout the year. “Well make it better and better as our financial resources permit”.

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