Memòria 2011/2012. Club and Foundation

The Memoria del FC Barcelona gives an in-depth overview of initiatives taken on by the Club last year, it’s the document that’s given to delegate members during the General Assembly.

Club and Foundation Memoria

The Memoria del Club is a 200 page book that covers four main areas of interest: sports, social, institution and economy. The document includes an overview of all of the Club’s professional teams, the youth teams and the amateur teams. It also covers last season’s events, social projects and institutional endeavors. In addition, the Memoria del Club also takes a look at the Club’s commercial and economic performance last year.

The Foundation section, which is about 100 pages, covers the campaigns, programmes, alliances and projects taken on by the FC Barcelona Foundation last year. The document also includes a financial summary and economic report of the Foundation’s accounts.


[[BOTOGRIS::Memòries del FCB++::http://www.fcbarcelona.cat/club/premsa/detall/fitxa/memoria-anual-del-fc-barcelona::VER::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

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