Sandro Rosell gave an overview of the 2012/13 season this Thursday. The president of the Club started
the press conference with a word of remembrance for Enrique Orizaola, who recently passed away and was the team manager in the Berne final. “We’ve completed a very intense and complicated season. We’ve overcome very difficult situations from the human perspective. We’ve taken on very demanding sporting challenges and we’ve had to make difficult decisions,” said Rosell.

“The priority of our management of Barça is to perpetuate the sporting results and to make sure the Club is economically sustainable,” explained Rosell, who added that “we’re adopting a management model that adjusts to the reality that surrounds us, that’s viable, sustainable and responsible.”

More sponsorship revenue

One of the points the FC Barcelona president highlighted during his press conference was the increase in revenue due to sponsorships. “In three seasons we’ve increased our sponsorship revenue by 70%. The revenue the Museum generates has increased by more than 25%, going from 20 to 25 million, with 1.5 million visitors per year,” explained Rosell, who added: “it’s the model of athletic excellence that allows us to sign players like Neymar or Karabatic, who choose Barça over other clubs that have offered more money.”


“With one and a half months to go before the fiscal year is over, I can say that we expect a surplus of 30 million euros, which is in compliance with the budget approved by the General Assembly. This is the second consecutive year we have had a surplus and this reinforces our conviction that this should be the norm and not the exception so that we can guarantee our property model, which is in the hands of Club members,” said Rosell, who went on to say Barça are the leading Club on social networks.

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