Sandro Rosell / PHOTO: ARCHIVE FCB

Sandro Rosell talked to the press after Barça’s elimination from the Champions League. “The first thing I need to do is congratulate Bayern, they were clearly the superior side in the tie. We have reached the semi-finals for six consecutive years. I am very proud of what these players have done,” said the FC Barcelona president.

Rosell went on to say that “perhaps the aggregate score is a bit exaggerated but that doesn’t mean that they were not superior. I believe this Bayern are the strongest team in Europe and they have a good chance of winning the final.”

Stands by his team

“We’ll evaluate at the end of the season. What we have to do now it support the players and stand by their side until the end of the season. Once the season comes to an end there will be time to make decisions,” said Rosell, who added: “we have to focus on La Liga, we haven’t won it yet. We have to work towards achieving this goal.”

Messi’s absence is noticeable

When asked about Leo Messi’s absence against Bayern, the Barça president echoed the words used by Tito Vilanova in this regard: “if the best player in the world isn’t on the pitch, it’s noticeable.” He added: “at any rate, I am very proud of all of the players, managers, members and fans. They proved that they know how to win and how to lose.”

The FC Barcelona president said that he stands with Tito Vilanova in regards to the decision made to not use Messi: “if they decided that he shouldn’t play, it was a purely technical decision. Nothing else to say.”

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