The first presentation of the day, as is tradition in the General Assembly, was the President’s presentation. After the tradition moment of silence for deceased Club members that passed away last year, Sandro Rosell started his presentation with an overview of the 2011/12 season, a season he defined as “excellent in terms of numbers.”

The FC Barcelona president talked about the board’s different areas of management as well. On the athletic level, he highlighted that the Club won a record number of titles; on the economic level, he talked of the Club’s record profit levels and the reduction of the Club’s debt levels; on the social level, the president reminded the gathered members that the prices of season tickets did not go up and that waiting list for Camp Nou season tickets was once again activated; on the institutional level, that Barça have 350 million fans around the world; and lastly, on the FC Barcelona Foundation, he noted that Club have a social responsibility to assist the most vulnerable members of society.

Emotional second half

After President Rosell gave his overview of last season, he spoke frankly about the last two years of his presidency. In the presentation, Rosell used various videos to illustrate his points. The president noted that he feels an immense sense of pride that the Club is now an international icon, and that Barça plays with its own distinctive style of play.

He also talked about what it means to work for an institution that has principles, commitment and values. Rosell noted that the Club possess the necessary humility both when it wins and loses, that the best player in the world plays for Barça, that the team has been able to overcome difficult moments and that fans and members have been able to celebrate an incredible amount individual and group accomplishments.

Past, present and future

Rosell also noted the importance of remembering FC Barcelona’s 100-year history and the satisfaction of knowing that the Club bases its success on the quality of its youth system. “We’re very austere with Club funds so that we can take on large projects in the future. Without a good economy, our athletic success will end,” said Rosell.

Catalan Club

Sandro Rosell was greeted by a deafening applause when he said that “FC Barcelona is a Catalan Club that is proud of its past, of its history and of the people that fought and dedicated themselves to building up the Club and provided the foundation upon which our future will be built.”

Rosell also noted that “the Club will always be loyal to its history and to its convictions. We will always defend the right of people groups to decide their own future. We have always opened ourselves up to the world, we want to be understood and accepted for who we are, Catalans.”

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