Rosell, Seguer and Alfonseda. PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA-FCB.

Antoni Ramallets and Josep Seguer, two FC Barcelona legends, were given a warm and emotional welcome this Saturday afternoon by the Barça Players Association and the Club. Many of the players’ friends were present at the ceremony, in addition to President Sandro Rosell, who noted: “because of my age I wasn’t able to see you play, but my father, who is here, told me about you. I tip my hat to the both of you, José and Antonio.”

One of the most moving moments of the event was when a pre-recorded video of Ramallets, who couldn’t attend due to health reasons, showed on the main screen. “I would have liked to attend because I only get to see my friend Seguer, who is one year older than me, once in a while,” said Ramallets. “I would have liked to share this dedicatory event with all of you.”

“He’s still ‘Don Antonio’”

“I fell three times in just a couple of days and I can’t go anywhere without my walker. I can’t complain about my life and from what I see you love me,” said Josep Seguer when he took to the stage. The ex-Barça player wasn’t the only one to give a speech to the attendees, Ángeles, Ramallets’ daughter, said the following about her father: “he’s still the same. He has a lot of character, that’s the way he is. He’s called ‘Don Antonio’ at home.”

Ramallets featured for FC Barcelona for 15 seasons (1946 through 1961) and in that time he won five Zamora trophies. Seguer played for the Club for 14 seasons (1943 through 1957). Both players were crucial to the famous team known as the ‘Barça of the Five Cups.’ President Rosell, making note of the accomplishments of both players, said: “you show that Barça are a team with history and tradition. We’re doing only what you deserve. This is a tribute to the team of the Five Cups. We’re here to show our gratitude and we thank you for everything you have done for this Club.”


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