Enrique Castro 'Quini' / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

Enrique Castro ‘Quini’, also known as ‘El Brujo’ (the warlock), is probably the most loved Asturian footballer to ever play for FC Barcelona. He defended the Blaugrana colours for four seasons -1980 through 1984 - and he scored 101 goals in 178 appearances. He won two Pichichi trophies while at FC Barcelona and three more with Sporting. This Wednesday he presented his new film at FC Barcelona’s facilities: ‘El Brujo frente al espejo.’ The film is directed by Rai García and produced by Pedro Laguna. The film doesn’t focus on the player’s athletic feats; rather, it takes a look at Quini’s life. The film covers the player’s kidnapping ordeal in 1981, the death of his brother Jesús Castro and his successful battle against cancer.

Messi takes centre stage

“I played during the best time in history, in terms of teammates and competition. I wouldn’t change the titles I won for the ones we have today,” said Quini. He made the statement as some of his old teammates - Carles Rexach, Alexanko, Tente Sánchez and Paco Martínez - listened in the audience. However, the ex-Barça player noted that “the current Barça squad must be considered favourites and they will always be (in reference to this afternoon’s match against Milan). They have no rival, they have the Champions League already won.” If we start talking about records, we have to mention Leo Messi. It seems as though the Argentine breaks a record every time he steps onto the pitch, and he’s equalled the two Pichichi trophies that Quini won when he was a Blaugrana: “Messi is not from this world, he’s from another planet. I had goalscoring records, and he’s broken all of them!” He also talked about his fellow Asturian, David Villa: “I think he’ll end his playing career here and he’ll bring a lot of joy to the Club. He deserves to stay here and the fans are with him.”

Film set to be released this Thursday

The filming of ‘El Brujo frente al espejo’ started in November of 2011 in Zaragoza and it was presented one year later at the International Film Festival of Gijón. It will be released this Thursday throughout Spain. “I talk about things that I have always considered taboo, doing this film has given me strength and I feel more comfortable and calm,” said Quini.

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